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ACDA Dance Studio.  Ballroom, Latin, Country, Salsa & Swing


Many of our students and dance friends have asked us where they can go out dancing and/or practice what they have learned. Now there is somewhere! A place with room to dance without the "Bar Crowd", where you can enjoy a fun night out, socialize and do some dancing. As many people may know only one dance or none at all, if we were to hold a random dance, chances are, not many people would be dancing. The classic, "What dance do we do to this song", or " I don't know how to Waltz, Two-Step, Cha Cha", etc. Therefore our dance is a Social & Instructional Dance Party. This means that whether you know nothing about dancing or have danced forever, you will enjoy the dance party. Our music playlist covers songs relevant to all of the partner dances out there, through Country, Ballroom, Latin, Salsa & Swing. A few songs will even merge the dance styles, so you could see people dancing a West Coast Swing or a Rumba at the same time. As each type of dance music is played, we will take a couple of minutes to show you the very basic steps, then let you hit the floor and try it out. If you know how to dance to that song or have learned some steps feel free to enjoy the social dance and or practice what you know. We encourage people to ask others to dance as this will help strengthen your leading and following skills though it is not necessary, as some couples are out for their date-night and want to spend the time together. Though you may not remember all the dances and basic steps, it's a great introduction to new dances that you may not know and most of all, a fun night out!
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